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Dental emergencies happen at the most inconvenient of times, but the team at Capitol Smiles Dental is ready to help. Trenton and Ewing, New Jersey and Morrisville, Pennsylvania residents can count on Capitol Smiles Dental to help with emergencies.

Dental Emergency Q & A

When is it necessary to visit the emergency dentist?

Dental emergencies include severe mouth pain, 1 or more damaged teeth, or bleeding from the mouth. The Capitol Smiles Dental team is available for dental emergencies. Other situations that may be considered dental emergencies include loose crowns, loose or dislodged fillings, swollen gums, and pronounced swelling of the jaw. When pain is severe at any time, it's best to seek emergency dental help.

How should a knocked-out or broken tooth be handled?

If a tooth is knocked out or broken due to trauma or an accident, retrieve the tooth or piece of the tooth right away. It's fine to rinse the tooth off in plain water if it's dirty. Don't handle the roots at all, but instead hold the tooth by the enamel.

To transport the tooth to the dentist, place it in a glass of cow's milk if possible, as this helps preserve it. A knocked out or broken tooth can be saved in many cases, but there’s only a narrow window of about 1 hour to do so. Head to Capitol Smiles Dental office as quickly as possible for the best odds of saving the tooth.

How should a dislodged crown or filling be handled?

A dislodged crown or filling can be both inconvenient and painful. Leaving the crown or filling off the tooth can expose the tooth below to damage and is likely to lead to more pain, but it can't be put back in place without the right dental tools. The dislodged crown or filling should be taken to the dentist promptly, but it may not be salvageable. The dentist can place a temporary crown or filling to protect the tooth until a permanent replacement can be created.

What happens in the case of an abscessed tooth?

When a tooth abscess occurs, it's very easy for infection to set in. If an abscess isn't treated promptly, the teeth and gums can be seriously damaged. Any bump on the gums may be an abscess, especially if it causes pain. This is cause to seek emergency dental help.